CAN partial networking: Simple and efficient CO2 reduction

For reaching the goals defined for CO2 reduction, innovations in automotive electronics are indispensable. One of these innovations is partial networking CAN as presented here. The results achieved with the device E520.13 give proof of the robustness of the chosen implementation. Samples of the Elmos device E520.13 are available and already being used at present by a key OEM customer in vehicle tests. Qualification according to AEC will be finished until the end of 2011, series launch in vehicles is anticipated for 2013. A transfer of the underlying concept to other bus systems is possible and currently being explored.


With the E520.13, Elmos introduces the first IC worldwide that realizes safe CAN partial network operation. The partial network mode makes it possible to individually activate control devices whose permanent operation is not required. If for example ten control devices in a vehicle are designed for partial network operation, CO2 emission can be reduced by approx. 0.5 grams per kilometer. The E520.13 is currently being tested in a vehicle by a major German OEM key customer already.

The component represents an HS-CAN transceiver according to ISO 11898-5, featuring remote wake-up by means of an individually configurable wake-up message (wake-up frame or WUF) for the realization of partial network operation, in addition to the usual wake-up sources. If the transceiver is directly battery-supplied in partial network operation, as is common practice in sleep mode operation today, all other components of the control device can be deactivated. The partial network transceiver monitors the bus traffic, analyzes it down to the bit level, and responds to the control device’s individual wake-up message. In this partial network mode, the power input of the control device is below 500 µA.

The tasks of filing and reading out the individual wake-up message, configuring parameters and controlling state transitions are facilitated by an SPI-compatible interface (Serial Peripheral Interface) to the microcontroller.

The E520.13 guarantees that both partial network transceivers and conventional high-speed CAN transceivers according to ISO 11898-5 can be operated together in one network (interoperability).

Samples of Elmos component E520.13 are available.